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Unidirectional shield has no crimp points like woven fabrics, but what is better?

According to TechFiber company, manufacturer of the patented technology FlexTech from Tempe AZ, shield technology provides better bullet resistance..

I would agree on this statement but experiences shows that it is not true depending on what kind of calibers, testing conditions etc…

I guess nobody has really a clear opinion on what is better, UD or woven fabric.

My opinion is that both can do the job but depending on the other requirements like trauma limits, testing conditions, weight limits etc one could perform better than the other…

The debate is opened.

Comments and experiences are welcome here

To review the statement from TechFiber see the link to the article from Defense Review

via Defense Review – TechFiber T-Flex SH/SA Unidirectional Ballistic Fabric with Teijin Aramid Twaron or DuPont Kevlar Aramid Fiber for Tactical Armor Carriers/Body Armor (Soft Armor Panels and Hard Armor Plates) and Vehicle Armor (Video!).