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blunt trauma on body armour: the bullet energy can kill you

most people believe that the job of the body armour is to stop the bullet…..extremely wrong….you can die because of the blunt trauma, the energy of the bullet is a killer most of the time….even if the bullet is stopped…

the job of a good bulletproof vest is to stop the bullet and disperse the energy of the impact the fastest way possible on the fastest surface possible, to avoid a destructive impact on key organs

this video shows a simple way how is it possible and what the theory is about: sels explanatory


Avantex signs representation agreement with Armour Solutions

Avantex Protection, SL (my company) has signed an agency agreement with Armour Solutions, manufacturer of aramid fabrics, UD’s and ballistic protective devices. Avantex will be helping AS to commercialize all their range of protective textiles into the Spanish, French and Portugues markets. Soon i will publish here details about products and services

Textile World – DSM Dyneema Launches Dyneema® HB80 UD Ballistic Material For US Market

DSM Dyneema Launches Dyneema® HB80 UD Ballistic Material For US Market
The Netherlands-based DSM Dyneema has begun manufacturing its new Dyneema® HB80 unidirectional (UD) composite ballistic material at its US facility in North Carolina and made it available for shipment to armor manufacturers for military and law enforcement applications. According to the company, HB80 was developed to meet the specifications of US Army and Marines Enhanced Combat Helmet program, and offers at least 35-percent-greater fragmentation performance in combat helmets than helmets used currently by the US armed forces. In addition, the company reports, the material complies with National Institute of Justice IIIA requirements, and can provide the same level of protection in helmets used by SWAT units at half the current weight.

Dyneema HB80 also is under evaluation for use in vehicle armor applications specifying light weight and ultra-high armor performance.