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Compactor Heavy Duty to protect body armour during storage – Distributors Wanted

the revolutionary compactor, to organize and save space with clothing and all kind of protective apparel.

For body armour, Compactor will help to protect bulletproof vests from the sun, dust and humidity, key elements to maintain the protection level when body is not in service or has not been delivered yet.

As everyone knows, it is critical for the ballistic pack and cover of any bulletproof jacket to be protected from Humidity otherwise ballistic performance can be reduced an important way.

Compactor Heavy Duty: Ref RAN 4420

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Compactor Heavy Duty is the perfect storage solution, providing protection from dust, humidity, moths, etc… Compression by sucking the air out reduces the volume by up to 75%, and the resulting vacuum creates perfect storage conditions.

250 g woven ultra resistant PE with reinforced corners in leather look, internal bag made of nylon/PE

H 40 x W 65 x D 65 cm, 425 litres capacity,

Khaki Green color.

demo video

Manual Vaccum Pump:: Ref: 3697
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Manual vacuum pump for Compator Storage System with flexible pipe
Electrical Vaccum Pump:: Ref: 4239
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Electric vacuum pump for Compactor Storage System with flexible pipe

400 W, includes 3 internation power adapters (European, America, Chinese)

Distributors wanted worlwide: contact



Spanish National Police to buy bulletproof vests by november 2012

Spanish Police has finally issued a first tender to purchase concealable body armour for a value of over 7 millions euros.

The deadline of the tender is scheduled for November 8th 2012