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blunt trauma on body armour: the bullet energy can kill you

most people believe that the job of the body armour is to stop the bullet…..extremely wrong….you can die because of the blunt trauma, the energy of the bullet is a killer most of the time….even if the bullet is stopped…

the job of a good bulletproof vest is to stop the bullet and disperse the energy of the impact the fastest way possible on the fastest surface possible, to avoid a destructive impact on key organs

this video shows a simple way how is it possible and what the theory is about: sels explanatory


Polytenex Armor Panels test conducted by Samson Operations on Vimeo

Belgium Armor Technology and BMG Armor Research Philippines Polytenex Armor Panels (Low Cost, water resistant and Light weight panel) test conducted by Samson Operations CEO Jon Shenkin at Mountain View Firing Range in Angeles City, Pampanga

Aramid sewing yarns

Aramid sewing yarns or threads are commonly used for stitching aramid fabric layers together.

It gives a stronger stitching. Main applications are body armour to stitch to reinforce unions between different layers and make a strong panel.

example of aramid yarn for stitching


Spanish National Police announces they will distribute over 20.500 concealable body armor

the spanish national police has announced today they will purchase and give around 20.500 concealable ballistic protective vest in the next 2 years.

the budget established is around 9.6 millions euros

see original link: police announcement

published by David Ducos

Policía Nacional distribuirá en los próximos cuatro años 20.500 chalecos antibalas internos

Según informa hoy la Policía Nacional Española, se invertirán 9.676.000 euros para la adquisición de este material de protección del que se repartirán 211 unidades este año y otros 6.763 ejemplares de forma anual hasta 2015.

El chaleco antibala, que cubrirá el pecho, la espalda y los costados y que tendrá un modelo específico para mujeres y tallas especiales, será sometido a distintas pruebas y ensayos para medir su peso, espesor y flexibilidad y tendrá una vida útil de diez años como mínimo en condiciones normales.


Dupont opens a testing lab for Kevlar in India to run ballistics and stab resistance

I read today about Dupont opening a testing facility in Hyderabad at about 700 kms east of Mumbai. I am not sure this is really hot stuff or i missed the info already old for few of my readers…anyway…

The testing house is said to be dedicated to ballistics and stab resistant materials…they also declare having a press of aprox. 600 tons for ballistic protective helmets.

With this new opening Dupont counts now with 5 testing facilities. The other 4 are based in Switzerland, Brazil, USA (2 in the US, one in Richmond VA and the other one in Wilmington_Delaware).

Sounds like the Indian Market is the key hot market for the US company and the objective with no doubt is to educate final users and direct customers on kevlar properties and make sure they know how to transform their product. Liability is extremely important for the fiber company so having a private own lab will help a lot small helmet and body armor producers to design their solutions as long as they use Kevlar, of course…

Written by David Ducos

Body Armor for women: the never ending story

Pentagon has once more the debate on the table and the challenge to improve body armor for women.

So many years talking about the same issue. Many designs, tricks with fabrics, UD and vest designs have been developped.

Seriously, nothing really works or what is the problem of what exists…i am not sure to understand what’s going on here.

Comments are welcome.

to read the article posted today in the news clic the link below

Body armor for women: Pentagon is pushed to find something that fits –