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Firefighters Protective Apparel: TurnoutGear new outershell fabric, the best fabric for firefighters !

It is clear that NORFAB USA is one of these incredible technical textiles weavers who can bring incredible value in protective apparel industry
OMNI Vantage™, the newest fabric to the OMNI line, provides maximum heat blocking as a firefighter outer shell fabric. This unique, inherently FR, tri-fiber blend woven fabric offers the perfect combination – DuPont™ Kevlar® brand fiber for strength, DuPont™ Nomex® brand fiber for abrasion and color fastness and Basofil® for superior heat resistance. OMNI Vantage™ has proven durable, providing long wear life. It offers the best burn protection (TPP) weight for weight as compared to other brands of firefighter outer shell fabrics.
Best Burn Protection in the market (TPP)
More Durable (Long wear life)
Tri fiber blend: the perfect combination
  • Kevlar for Strength
  • Nomex for abrasion and color fastness
  • Basofil for superior heat resistance

    OMNI Vantage golden brown

OMNI Vantage black

AVAILABLE COLORS: Golden Brown, Bright Yellow, Black
Weave style: Rip-Stop Style
Weight: 265 gsm
Passes NFPA 1971, 2013 Edition
Certified to NFPA 1971, Standard on Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting and Proximity Fire Fighting, 2013 Edition
Certified to CAN/CGSB 155.1, Standard on Firefighters’ Protective Clothing for Protection Against Heat and Flame, 2001 Edition

tpp test result on OMNI Vantage


abrasion resistance performance of OMNI Vantage

to see technical specifications: please click here
The perfect liner to the Omni Vantage: OMNI QUILT

OMNI QUILT liner: the perfect liner to OMNI Vantage outershell

Style 070Q2PB-1 (one woven, two non woven layers)

  • Extremely soft, cool, light weight, comfortable, breathable.
  • Provides a high degree of thermal insulation needed for the new generation turnout garments.
  • Meets requirements of NFPA 1971 (edition 2013) standard for “Protective Ensemble for Structural Firefighting”
new “OMNI Quilt Synergy” Thermal Liner was developed by combining two layers of the state-of-art Basofil® Blend Spunlaced fabric (PFI-101) and 100% Nomex® Calendered Plain Face fabric.
to see technical specifications: please click here

Molten Metal Splash Protection – The best fabrics by Gentex® Dual Mirror™

Here is a short list of specialty fabrics for the best performance in Molten Metal Splash Protective Apparel (Iron, Aluminum etc.)

Gentex® Dual Mirror™  is the most efficient high temperature, radiant heat barrier available in either protective clothing or other shielding applications. The most efficient, durable, and flexible barrier material  to reflect radiant (IR) energy. The world leader in protecting workers from the hazard of molten metal in the primary metals industries.

Reference 1086 (the durable one)

Preox® / Korspun I® with Dual Mirror® surface
Blend Preox-Aramid Korspun Base Fabric
Weight: 645 gsm
Certifications: EN 531 (Pass A, B1, C4, D3, E3), ISO 11612 (Pass A1, A2, B1, C4, F1)

Reference 1085 (the heavy duty one)

Aramid fiber blend over an oxidized PAN (OPF) with Dual Mirror® surface

Herringbone Twill Base Fabric

weight: 650 gsm

Reference 1299-142 (the most performant one)

Basofil® / Para-Aramid / PFR Rayon Fleece

a tri-blend knit and is the lightest, most flexible fabric with the highest EN531 molten

metal splash protection rating

Weight: 425 gsm

Certifications: EN 531 (A, B1, C4, D3, E3)

For the complete range of aluminized fabrics available visit the following link

ISO11612 – Protective clothing against heat and flame

A list of fabrics classified by certification level of the old EN531, now ISO 11612



Aluminized fabric style 1299-074

  • 180 gsm aluminized fiber glass fabric
  • the lightest in the world with a C4 certification and a double aluminization by Dual Mirror

  • Pass EN 531 (ISO  11612): A, B1, C4



Aluminized aramid ripstop style 1088

The lightest and most flexible aluminized fabric for entry suit

Robo-suit: Radiation protection, superhuman strength

IBARIKI, Japan — A Japanese research company is creating a new type of robotic suit that will shield the wearer from the harmful effects of extreme radiation.

The Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) is being developed by the Cyberdyne Corporation, according to Gizmodo.

The robotic suit comes after the Fukushima plant disaster, where clean-up efforts are still taking place. Although radiation levels have steeply dropped, it is still high enough to be fatal.

Currently Japanese crews must wear 130-pound tungsten vests to protect themselves, which leaves them unable to do much manual work.

The suit is almost something out of a comic book, allowing the person inside to control the suit with his mind, but will also be resistant to hazmat materials and radiation. The wearer will also have “superhuman strength.”

The suit is 5-feet tall, weighs 50 pounds and is powered by a 100-volt AC battery that can provide about three hours of use.

Sensors that can read nerve’s electrical signals will tell the suit to stand or walk and perform other actions.

A version of HAL already exists in Japanese hospitals, but the version resistant to radiation has no release date yet.


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TenCate 3Q12 results: Defender M sales down in US military, but increases seen in oil/gas industry and emergency response market

results from TenCate technical textiles division:

Advanced Textiles & Composites 

  • Sales of TenCate Defender™ M remained at a very low level, partly due to the destocking effects at the US military.
  • Sales of protective fabrics in the industrial market (in particular the oil & gas industry) and the emergency response market (fire-fighting) increased.
  • Sales in the armour composites market in the US and Europe were sluggish and there was a delay in project orders.
  • The combined revenues of Space / Aerospace and Industrial Composites increased (in part due to the acquisition of PMC Baycomp).
  • The operating result of the Advanced Textiles & Composites sector fell sharply, as a result of the low level of sales, particularly in (US) defence markets.

Volcano Hunter using Aluminized Suit made with fabric reference 1098 to approach active volcano

Geoff Mackley the famous vulcano hunter using a suit made with our fabric Dual Mirror reference 1098 to approach lava of an active volcano.
He is the first human to be able to be at only 20 meters of such an incredible source of radiant heat and stays there for approximately 40 minutes.
Just amazing

to see more about those incredible aluminized fabrics visit our website:

Burn test on Norfab preox-aramid fabric aluminized with Gentex Dual Mirror Technology